The contents of this book are based on from materials I developed to teach a course called “Animals and Ethics” for the Humane Society of the United States’ Humane Society University from 2008-2015. The course’s description and goals are on the next pages. These introductory-level materials are the Lectures, which are the most important and useful part of this booklet, a Schedule of Readings, and a Syllabus. I hope these materials will find use in courses and discussion groups and be helpful for individual readers. The Humane Society University is no longer operating, but I am grateful to them for the opportunity to develop and teach this course and for the students who took part in the course.

This book can serve as a brief guide and companion to some important in-print books on animals and ethics by Peter Singer (Animal Liberation, among others), Tom Regan (Empty Cages, among others) and Mark Rowlands (Animals Like Us, among others) and others. This book refers to many sources, both in print and online. For online sources, I usually – but not always – provide a URL for the source; if not, I write (Google) after the source. If the given URL does not work, readers should Google the author and title (or the title in quotes) to try to find the source. Since URLs come and go and uploaded materials change, perhaps this will yield the reading. Also, who knows what other interesting sources and discussion on these issues that Google might turn up!

Please feel free to contact me with any reactions to these materials and with any suggestions or questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

Nathan Nobis, Ph.D.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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